Shinedown and Three Days Grace: As Equal As They Get

Shinedown and Three Days Grace: As Equal As They Get

Even on “co-headlining” tours one band has to play last. The band that plays last, whether the promoters, band, or fans want it that way or not, is the headliner.

There’s just no way to make tour mates equal. Even if The Beatles and Rolling Stones could somehow tour together someone’s name has to come first and one of those bands has to play last.

Even on co-headlining tours where bands take turns playing last, everyone still knows who are the real headliners and who are the real opening acts. Mixing them up only creates an odd show where the band that should finish the night’s performance doesn’t.

Bottom line, co-headlining tours are a myth. There’s always one band that has more clout, a better repertoire, or a larger fan base than the other. Popular music has a rigid hierarchy. Using the term “co-headlining” doesn’t change that.

However, if there could ever be a tour with two equal bands hitting the road together then it’s happening in 2013.

During the first quarter of the next year, Shinedown and Three Days Grace launch a “co-headlining tour” of the United States. When they say “co-headlining” they may actually mean it. These bands are about as equally match as you can get.

They’ve both released their debut LP in 2003, they both released their fourth studio album in 2012, they’re both great live acts, and they’re both incredibly fan-friendly. Bottom-line, they are both one the most successful and influential hard rock bands of their generation.

After saying all that, we still have to give Shinedown headlining honors. Their lead is not due to their 10 million in album sales but to geography. All of the tour’s 14-dates are all in the United States. If this was a tour of Canada, then the band on top of the marquee would definitely be Three Days Grace (they hail from Norwood, Ontario).

Their trek begins Feb. 1 with a Shinedown and Three Days Grace concert in Moline, Illinois. The final date on their itinerary is Feb 20. That’s when Lowell, Massachusetts welcomes Shinedown and Three Days Grace to the Tsongas Center.

Highlights from their schedule include Shinedown and Three Days Grace at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Feb. 5; Shinedown and Three Days Grace in Knoxville, TN at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium Coliseum. And Shinedown and Three Days Grace at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland on Feb. 19.

To warm up audiences, the bands have tapped veteran hard rockers P.O.D. In 2012, P.O.D. celebrated their 20th year as a group.

There’s even more good news for Shinedown fans. Frontman Brent Smith recently told NME that the band has recorded enough material for a new album. He didn’t say when it will be released but common sense tells us sometime after the tour is over.

Smith categorized the band’s new material as “epic,” “a little slower,” and “a bit darker.”

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