Marilyn Manson: Ten Things You May Not Know About The Macabre Singer

Marilyn Manson: Ten Things You May Not Know About The Macabre Singer

Marilyn Manson launches a headlining tour of North America Jan. 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It concludes Feb. 23 when Manson rocks Las Vegas and the House of Blues. Other stops on his itinerary include Marilyn Manson in Boston on Jan. 26, Marilyn Manson in San Francisco on Feb. 19, and Marilyn Manson in Los Angeles on Feb. 21.

To get you ready for Manson’s upcoming trek of North America, we thought it would be interesting to compile a list of little known facts about the macabre singer. Below are ten things you probably don’t know about Marilyn Manson. Here’s an eleventh fact we are throwing in for free: Marilyn Manson has more than 668,000 followers on Twitter.

>>Marilyn Manson has been nominated for four Grammy Awards! He has a chance to win his first in 2013. His track “No Reflection” has been nominated in the category “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.”

>>Marilyn Manson had his first art show in 2002 in Los Angeles. While his art has been dismissed by serious critics, Manson has named his movement “Celebritarian Corporation.”

>>Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian Hugh Warner. “Brian Warner” is about as far from the Marilyn Manson persona as you can get. Furthermore, Warner was born in the ghoulish city of Canton, Ohio.

>>Marilyn Manson’s first name is taken from actress Marilyn Monroe. His last name is taken from serial killer Charles Manson. It certainly conjures up a different image than “Elvis Costello.”

>>Marilyn Manson is related to Pat Buchanan. Yes, that Pat Buchanan. The conservative pundit is a distance, distance cousin. Sure, they’re twice removed but they’re still related.

>>Marilyn Manson has been romantically linked to actresses Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood as well as model Dita Von Teese, porn star Stoya, and photographer Lindsay Usich.

>>Marilyn Manson has his own brand of absinthe. It’s called “Mansinthe.” The brew has received mixed reviews but has won a few awards. For a while he had his own energy drink, it was called “Eat Me Drink Me.”

>>Marilyn Manson has been sued a number of times for a variety of reasons. He’s been sued for royalties by former band members, assault by the editor of Spin, and sexual misconduct by a security guard.

>>Marilyn Manson has been working on his cinematic directorial debut since 2004. It’s very likely that his movie, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, will never see the light of day. Clips leaked to the internet have been poorly received.

>>Marilyn Manson needed 24 stitches in his ear after getting hit with a glass table during a brawl. The incident occurred in Switzerland while he was on tour with Rob Zombie.

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