Luke Bryan Feels Blessed Despite Bad Luck

For country music fans, Luke Bryan is one of the most talented and exciting stars on the scene at the moment. Most of us think that music stars lead completely charmed lives, and although that is true to a great extent, Luke has had his share of difficulty and heartache, as well. Nonetheless, he has enjoyed great success over the past few years, and is sure to count his blessings as his career moves from strength to strength.


Luke Bryan started out as a young guitarist with a dream, practicing as a teenager and working his way up to playing on the college circuit in his native Georgia. He planned to move to Nashville after he graduated from high school, but that plan got delayed when his brother, Chris, died in a car accident on the exact day that Luke was due to move away. Instead of continuing with his plans, Luke went to Georgia Southern University, and then came back home to work for his father.


The idea of working for the family business was short-lived, though. Luke’s father saw the talent in his son, and encouraged him to pick up where he left off with his dreams of moving to Nashville. Luke complied, and within just a few weeks of landing in Tennessee, he had already secured a contract as a songwriter.


Writing songs for other country performers was not to be his destiny, however. After a few years of penning some well-known tunes for establish artists, Luke managed to get his own recording contract with Captiol Records, and released his debut album in 2007. I’ll Stay Me was well-received both commercially and critically, and set the stage for a a series of upward career moves.


Unfortunately for Luke, 2007 was also the year of another family tragedy. His older sister, Kelly, passed away at the age of 39 from a brain tumor, leaving the family reeling once again. This meant that 2007 was a year of incredible extremes for the Bryan family – one child succumbing to illness, and another being shot into stardom.


Despite the personal setbacks, Luke Bryan continued working hard and released his second album, Doin’ My Thing, in 2009. It enjoyed an even more positive reception than the first album, and helped bring Luke even further into the public eye. His third album, Tailgates & Tanlines, was released in 2011 and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard chart, his strongest debut to date.


In support of his three albums, Luke is getting ready to head out on his first headlining tour, in January 2013. Fans down in Orlando, all the way up to Grand Rapids and everywhere in between (Louisville, we’re looking at you!) will be treated to Luke Bryan’s familiar yet unique honky-tonk style, and his charismatic presence on stage. The tour promises to be a great experience, as Luke always has fun when performing and knows how to make sure the audience has the best time possible.