Justin Bieber’s or his Fans’ Apathy Responsible for Canceling Purpose World Tour?

Justin Bieber has cancelled the last 14 concerts of his massive “Purpose World Tour.”

Of the 14 scratched shows, only one was a sellout.  Most concerts still had 5,000 to 12,000 tickets available on the secondary ticket market and many sections within each venue had yet to be sold on the primary market.

Seven of the cancelled concerts were in the United States, two were in Toronto, and two were planned for Tokyo.  He also had one concert scheduled in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Promoter AEG Presents isn’t sweating the cancellation.  After all, Bieber played more than 150 dates and made a boatload of money.  We’re talking north of the $200 million mark.

By the way, Bieber is 23.

AEG, Bieber, and manager Scooter Braun are all saying the right things.  Braun insinuated on Instagram that the cancellation had something to do with Bieber’s well-being.

Bieber apologized to his fans and said he was exhausted.  CNN said it was “due to unforeseen circumstances.”  TMZ said he “rededicated his life to Christ.”

Insiders believe Bieber overestimated his popularity by trying to play stadiums at the end of his tour and without releasing new material.  He released Purpose in 2015.

There is another possibility.  That possibility is Bieber’s immense disinterest caught up with him.

If you read reviews, the singer appeared to be disinterested for most of his tour.

The Guardian proclaimed: “That’s Justin Bieber in 2017: distant…”

The Willamette Week made this observation of his show in Portland, Oregon: “…it was hard to feel like we haven’t been getting catfished this whole time.”

An Australian reviewer noted that Bieber “managed to look bored.”  The reviewer’s counterpart in Dublin asked, “Can I blame [Bieber] for phoning it in?”

Perhaps the most demanding critique came from Now Magazine’s Kevin Ritchie: “Bieber only seemed fitfully engaged throughout the 90-minute-plus set of song.”

In past eras, these kinds of reviews would have destroyed a performer’s career.  Nowadays, where your status as a celebrity is more important than your voice, no one seems to care.

Bieber fans seem content just to be in the same zip code as their hero.  They don’t care if he’s not giving one-hundred percent.  At least they were able to live-Tweet their concert experience and pick up a tour t-shirt.

So, are Bieber fans finally starting to care?  Is that why he was struggling to sell tickets?

Well, his last concert was July 2 in London.  He played to a sold-out audience, just like he had for his entire tour.  That’s right, every single show of his “Purpose World Tour” was a packed house.

I find it hard to believe that between July 2 and July 29, his fans suddenly woke up to his jaw-dropping nadir of vapidness.

His lack of new material, and the fact that he toured the U.S. just a year ago, probably had more to do with the cancellation then any uprising by his fans.  Add exhaustion and religious awakening to the mix and you have a recipe to terminate 14 concerts.